Senator Kerry’s Discredits Romney’s Op-Ed

Senator Kerry has written a piece in response to Romney’s op-ed discouraging the ratification of New-START which was published in the Wednesday, July 7th edition of The Washington Post.  Read Kerry’s op-ed here.  Kerry makes several strong arguments  for the ratification of New-START.  In his op-ed Kerry stated, “Even in these polarized times anyone seeking the presidency should know that the security of the United States is too important to be treated as fodder for political posturing.”  Kerry also declared that, “No threat to our national security is greater than the danger from nuclear weapons”.

Senator Kerry responded devastatingly to the Romney anti-New START screed in a point by point counter punch noting that many of his points were “flat wrong” and making a strong argument why the new treaty was in fact in America’s strategic interests.

Interestingly he quoted my old boss, former Republican Secretary Henry Kissinger, in support of the New START treaty. He noted that Kissinger himself objected to the inclusion of politics into such a momentous decision and quoted Kissinger as saying, ” It is, by definition, not a bipartisan but a nonpartisan, challenge.”

The most important and substantive point Kerry argued was that Romney wrote that Russia, under the treaty, could escape limits on the number of strategic warheads. Kerry called Romney’s point a “red herring” and noted that, “The same limits apply to the United States and Russia, including the ability to count each nuclear-equipped heavy bomber as a single warhead.”

The time has come for all those who are concerned about the proliferation of nuclear weapons, about the need for a more secure strategic context between the United States and Russia, and finally about the need to  reduce nuclear weapons globally to rally behind this beneficial treaty and make our voices known to the Senate.  This support will be necessary to provide a sane counter voice to the extremists seeking to bring back the cold war and endanger American and global security for their own narrow ideological ends.

We will be posting the names and contact information of the members of the Senate Committees who will have jurisdiction over the New START ratification process and points of contact. Please consider writing and calling your Senator in support of the treaty as well as writing you local newspaper in order to make the case for the treaty. We will be posting more background on the treaty shortly and a summary of the Senate meetings and progress.

Keep tuned to this blog!

By: Harry C. Blaney III

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