What’s going on in the national security realm?

Week of 8/2/10 National Security News Summary:


  • Pentagon demands that Wikileaks remove the leaked classified Afghan war documents from their website, arguing that they endanger U.S. national security.  Others argue that the documents gave out little information that was not already generally known.
  • Afghan President Hamid Karzai has called for an investigation into a U.S.-backed anti-corruption task force, following the arrest of several senior Afghan officials on graft charges.

Intelligence Reform:

  • Late Thursday (8/5/10) James R. Clapper was confirmed by the Senate as the new Director of National Intelligence. Will he be the first individual to have the necessary authority to fulfill the broad responsibilities of the DNI or will this position continue to act as just another layer of bureaucracy?
  • Will the Washington Post’s series “Top Secret America” be influential in encouraging governmental reform? One Post reporter hopes so but is doubtful… What do you think?
  • This week an independent Pentagon panel has released a report on how we can get a better grip on intelligence spending.


  • The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has postponed their vote on the ratification of New START to mid September.  The battle looms over the ratification of the treaty due to opposition by many Republicans who want $100 billion for weapons “modernization”.  New START supporters say these expenditures would be both unnecessary and wasteful.

Compiled by Tess Strumwasser
Summer 2010 CIP National Security Intern

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