This Week in National Security News: 11/22/10-12/1/10

Wiki Leaks:

  • Wiki Leaks has released a number of classified diplomatic cables that reveal the underbelly of how the US conducts its diplomacy. US officials, like Secretary of State Clinton, have roundly criticized the leak as a dangerous threat to US foreign policy and the occupations of our diplomats. Revelations include:
    • Arab states encouraging the US to bomb Iran
    • The Chinese Government’s culpability in internet hacking including the recent Google hack.
    • Obama administration horse-trading with other countries for the Guantanamo detainee transfers.
    • US secret effort to steal fuel from Pakistani nuclear reactors
    • Putin’s inability to influence his bureaucracy
    • Karzai’s brother is a major player in narcotrafficking.
    • US unable to stop Syria from funneling weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon
    • Colonel Qaddafi, in addition to his female bodyguard squad, has an attractive nurse.
  • This scandal has created a debate between those that feel that the US, in order to negotiate effectively, cannot be fully transparent vs. groups like Wikileaks and the New York Times who feel their responsibility is to force transparency on the US government.

North Korea:

  • North Korea attacked the South Korean Yeonpeng islands with and artillery barrage. Tensions have been steadily mounting since this incident.  2nd conflict in the yellow Seas since the North was accused of sinking the South Korea Cheonan warship in March killing 46.


  • The “senior” Taliban official who has participated in 2 peace negotiations with Karzai has been ousted as an imposter. Rather than the 2nd ranking member of the Taliban behind Mullah Omar, this con-man was a shopkeeper from Quetta, Pakistan.



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