NYTimes Editorial: Pakistan’s Nuclear Folly

02/21/11: Pakistan’s Nuclear Folly

The New York Times published an editorial today, Pakistan’s Nuclear Folly, discussing the alarming buildup of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal.  Pakistan increasing its nuclear capabilities only increases worries that extremists will topple the government and have access to these weapons, or Pakistan will engage in nuclear war with its rival, India.  Bilateral talks must resume between India and Pakistan regarding nuclear weapons.  The United States and Russia have set a precedent in a nuclear arms treaty, New START, to lower their nuclear warheads.  India and Pakistan must create more transparency and open lines of communication to create some sort of arms-control negotiation.

“Pakistan can’t feed its people, educate its children, or defeat insurgents without billions of dollars in foreign aid. Yet, with China’s help, it is now building a fourth nuclear reactor to produce more weapons fuel.”

“Slowing and reversing that arms race is essential for regional and global security.  Washington must look for points of leverage and make this one of its strategic priorities.”

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