The Post misses the big picture in Kerry’s Mideast peace efforts

The following post appeared as a letter to the editor from Harry C. Blaney in the Washington Post on July 12, 2013.

The July 8 editorial “Pursuing a narrow peace” was too narrow. Secretary of State John F. Kerry’s diplomatic efforts are the best strategy for addressing the complex chaos in the Middle East. There is nothing “narrow” about trying, after all these decades, to achieve a better outcome than the inevitable conflict and danger to both Israel and the Palestinian Authority from unending confrontation.

Furthermore, it is wrong to think that Mr. Kerry has neglected the Syrian and Egyptian crises, which are interconnected with the peace process. There is much more going on diplomatically than is credited. It is an effort that is also related to a wide grouping of Arab states that must be part of any long-term peace in the region.

President Obama, Mr. Kerry and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel realize the significance of the peace process and the centrality of the two-state solution, without which there will be no peace for anyone. The proffered “economic” prize for all sides shows how serious this effort is.

In sum, the Obama administration clearly sees a wide range of solutions and challenges in the region, and it is The Post that seems to be looking through a narrow and, frankly, too negative lens.

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2 thoughts on “The Post misses the big picture in Kerry’s Mideast peace efforts

  1. Harry Blaney July 25, 2013 / 10:09 PM

    After the recent news that Secretary Kerry is making some progress in the effort to get the Middle East negotiations going, the Washington Post editorial seems even further off the mark. But to their credit they have been reporting on its significance and one of their regular columnist has praised Secretary Kerry’s determination and tactics. Nothing is sure in either war or diplomacy. We will be posting more on this topic soon.

  2. Nagesh K Ojha July 16, 2013 / 3:21 PM

    There is a story of ‘Bhasmāsur’ in Indian mythology. Russia has learnt the lesson; America should learn before it is too late.

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