Harry C. Blaney III

Photo: US News

Washington Post The Daily 202 10/13/13 : Chris Christie called Obama a “weakling” and threatened to shoot down Russian planes conducting air strikes in Syria if he was president. “My first phone call would be to Vladimir [Putin], and I’d say, ‘Listen, we’re enforcing this no-fly zone,’” the New Jersey governor said on MSNBC. “And I mean we’re enforcing it against anyone, including you. So don’t try me. Don’t try me. Because I’ll do it.”

If this is the kind of irresponsible and outrageous statement on a critical national security issue of war and peace, and  is the gut irrational reaction of a GOP presidential candidate and state governor, who aspires to be Commander-in-Chief and have by his side the codes to set off a nuclear war destroying most of mankind, then America is indeed in a period of major existential risk of great magnitude.

We have been hearing a lot of very crazy and silly “I’m tougher than the opponent” kind of language. In foreign affairs this language has created statements like, “I will deport not just the 11 million illegals.” Next we will hear  “I will double that number and send them back in chains, and make all of their family criminals even if they are Americans, and repeal the US constitution to take away their citizenship.” Such candidate threatened to build a wall South or even hurt Mexico if they send any more. 

The other area of silliness is their non-scientific “denial” is on one of  the most critical issues, climate change. As this issue threatens the entire globe, it seems almost as if all the Republican candidates seem to believe either it does not exist, or are determined to do nothing about it.

It is one thing to accuse, as Donald Trump has about President Obama about his citizenship and birth place, even as a certificate of birth in America was shown, or doubt his Christianity, thus making a boldface lie, but It is another thing to try to start a war with another nuclear armed state and threaten combat over the phone, while dismissing our current Commander-in-Chief as a “weakling.” There seems to be no acts of stupidity that the current lot of Republican hopefuls will not display both before the American electorate and to our friends and opponents abroad, as they look at us with wonder and incredulity.

Better, by far, would be a rational and serious sane debate about American interests abroad, war and peace, poverty and global health, humanitarian assistance for those in need, bringing security and reconciliation to Iraq and Afghanistan, justice for those in war torn regions (who are being attacked, driven from their homes, and are having their heads chopped off), and finally, how diplomacy can be a key tool for building a more safe and peaceful world.

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