By:  Harry C. Blaney III

The following appeared as a letter to the editor in the Washington Post on May 27, 2016

Regarding Chris Grayling’s May 24 op-ed, “Obama is wrong to tell Britain to stay in the E.U.”:

I studied and lived in Britain before and during its membership in the European Union. Its membership in the E.U. and NATO has enhanced its power and prosperity, allowing it to, as the Brits say, “punch above its weight” on the world stage.

Mr. Grayling did not mention that study after study indicates that the impact on Britain’s long-term economy would be severe, diminishing the nation’s regional and global influence.

The United States, a true friend to Britain and Europe, should not stand silent on seeing a friend self-destruct and weaken its economy and security by exiting a united and cooperative Europe on which the United States depends to address together a host of global dangers. What friend would stand silent if a friend were about to make a decision to self-implode and isolate himself from common bonds of union and friendship going back centuries?

It was sad to see Mr. Grayling, the leader of Britain’s House of Commons, take up the cry of the far-right isolationists and to be so wrong about the U.S. assessment of the implication of Britain’s foolhardy choice and what it will mean for our relationship.


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