Action Alert: Call your senators about the New Start treaty TODAY!

Dear friends and colleagues,

Last Wednesday, the Senate agreed to debate the New Start treaty. During the weekend debates, two amendments proposed by Republicans were defeated. Today, the Senate plans to hold an “executive session” to continue debate and it is expected there will be a vote to limit debate, which could lead to a vote on the treaty on December 22 or 23.

We need to act swiftly and quickly to make sure our voice is heard and our senators know that we want them to support the New Start treaty.

Due to the time sensitivity, we urge you to contact your senators today or tomorrow and encourage them to support the New Start treaty. Click here for a PDF of the treaty. Senator John Kerry (D-MA), is quoted in the New York Times as saying, “Yes, I believe we will have the votes,” but the vote is likely to be very close and we must make sure our voices are heard.

This might be the last chance to realistically pass the ratification resolution. After the lame duck session, the influx of Republicans will make it increasingly difficult to find the support needed to ratify the treaty.

The treaty will increase American security through reductions of strategic arms on both sides, and restart the critical verification system which provides America with a high level of certainty regarding Russian strategic arms activities. If the treaty does not pass, it will make America less secure and blind us to Russian strategic nuclear activities. It will hurt the possibilities of further reduction and harm cooperation between the United States and Russia. And, it will set back global non-proliferation goals.

To take action, call the central switchboard to the Senate at (202) 224 – 3121. Ask the operator to connect you to the office of your senator, ask for the legislative director, voice your support for the New Start treaty and urge your senator to vote yes.

In solidarity,

Harry C. Blaney III
Senior Fellow
Center for International Policy

Click here for a PDF of the treaty.

Click here for more information from the White House, including fact sheets, a video and more.